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“…that school-based yoga interventions show promise for enhancing positive behaviors, mental state, health, and performance. That the implementation of yoga in schools would be of significant value.”

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Below I include a few links to web pages, as they are great places to begin. My personal advice: get a library card and access a database. For real, game changer.



Ongoing practice of movement, breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness. These practices have been proven to lead to an increase in emotion and stress regulation, an increase in resiliency, and an increase in attention and concentration (just to name a few). In my humble opinion, no one says it better than Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD. (maybe it’s because I’ve sat through his lecture myself, but also- he knows his stuff!)

video of Sat Bir Singh Khalsa discussing overview of yoga research

Research compiled by Yoga4classrooms


The practice of our awareness in the present moment. As we begin to notice more fully each moment of our lives, we can begin to transition from reacting and into responding. And less of a human doing, and more into a human being. Woah, really powerful stuff. And yet, all you need is already inside of you - your mind!

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growth mindset

When we praise the process, rather than the product, we become more resilient, eager to take on challenges, and put forth more effort. It’s all about the power of “YET”!

video of Carol Dweck sharing some of her research

Decades of Scientific Research that Started a Growth Mindset Revolution

Carol Dweck Revisits the 'Growth Mindset' By Carol Dweck


mooka curriculum inspired by,

Holistic Life Foundation, Inc, Radiant Child Yoga, mindfulness practices described by Jon Kabat-Zinn, teachings of Donna Farhi, Brene Brown, book: Best Practices for Yoga in Schools, book: The Way of Mindful Education by Daniel Rechtschaffen, and more!

These programs will continue to grow as I learn more, and as more research is published.