body. mind. heart.

meet monica

learner & educator


The deets:

co-owner of Elevated Yoga Studio in Downtown Longmont

holds teaching license in Elementary and Special Education

studied with the Holistic Life Foundation, Inc - Ali, Atman, and Andres

completed 200-hr yoga teacher training, and additional course study of meditation, yin yoga, yoga therapy, and breath work

substitute teacher (2 years)

substitute paraprofessional (4 years)

gymnastics instructor (4 years)

nanny (9 years)

My story,

and how i came to understand the powerful connection between body-mind-heart

I used to have a body-mind-heart that was full of stress and anxiety. A roller coaster of emotions that made me often react harshly toward myself and others. I was nowhere close to a body-mind-heart connection. Like many, I was introduced to yoga through a physical practice that I had an on again off again relationship with. It wasn't until two years into my practice that I even realized how to use my breath. Another three years later I slowly began to find my own mind. More years, more yoga classes, a yoga teacher training, and more studying, I have found my own connection between body-mind-heart that I continue to learn about still.

Learning these tools and creating connection between body-mind-heart has created profound change inside myself. I still feel all those same emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, stress) but now I have the tools to manage and control how I respond to them. My life feels more calm and at ease. I am also equipped with tools to nourish and grow feelings of love, kindness, gratitude, and happiness. It is a life long practice.

But it took almost a decade! It was seven years after my initial introduction to yoga when I finally felt like I was being taught the foundation. Why had no one taught me this sooner?! Frustration and confusion are emotions that initially arose, which turned into acceptance and gratitude, and now into a passion to make sure we are teaching the foundation tools to everyone. These are basic life skills, that for too long have been sadly overlooked.

I have developed an accessible curriculum to teach the foundations found within yoga, mindfulness, growth mindset, so we can all learn and discover ourselves. It also felt natural and right to include best teaching practices that I had learned to use in a traditional classroom to foster learning. A Mooka Classroom is truly a unique experience.

I hold these practices close to my heart and cherish them with deep gratitude. Are you ready to learn?

There’s one trait I want to highlight about Monica that I believe is very difficult to teach or instill in another adult. I’ve seen students become escalated and either eloped or refused to transition out of the classroom. Monica has consistently interacted with these students with a centered and deescalating presence. I believe her ability to do this is inherently a part of who she is, and it has had a positive impact in the work she does with kids and other educators.
— school counselor