body. mind. heart.


families and educators

photo by Free Spirit Photography

photo by Free Spirit Photography

I’ve worked with children in some capacity for the last decade, from gymnastic’s instructor, nanny, and educator. I have been in homes and seen parents depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the role of parenthood. I’ve felt the frustration in the endless struggle it takes to get three children ready for school during a snowstorm. I have been in classrooms soaked in stress and gravely under resourced where everyone feels burned out and hopeless.

The Mooka Curriculum for adults is designed to serve individuals with these similar challenges. Learn how to handle and manage the load of being an educator or parent. You deserve to receive just as much as you give - learn how to give to yourself in a healthy way so you can better serve others.



🤸‍♀️ body

  • movement (yoga postures)

  • breath

  • relaxation

🧠 mind

  • mindfulness

  • meta-cognition

  • growth mindset

💛 heart

  • emotional intelligence

  • love (self and others)

  • gratitude

inspired by the science of yoga and growth mindset. Explore the research.



focus on:

  • alignment and modifications of familiar yoga postures

  • break down what the breath is all about, plus how and when to use it

  • what our thinking minds do, and how to gain back control

  • learning to love who we are today and the joy in the process

  • culminating lesson of gratitude

  • become fully aware of the present moment holistically through connection of physical, mental, and emotional awareness

This is a learning environment, so class is structured more like a ‘classroom experience’ where discussions are welcomed (and often prompted), and questions and mistakes are celebrated.

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Your body, mind, and heart are always with you.

If the tools you learn in a Mooka Classroom help you connect in a yoga class, that's beautiful. If you find this connection swimming, running, cooking, gardening, spending time with loved ones, or any moment of your day: even more beautiful.

currently, there is no public offering. coming soon!